Japanese Bead Embroidery

Florentine Pink copy

Japanese bead embroidery is a companion art to traditional Japanese embroidery,  the techniques of which provides the foundation for the unique form of bead embroidery. The results are stunning pieces with the 'wow' factor.

Through further personal activities and drawing from her own experiences and embroidery knowledge, Margaret has improved on and incorporated other 'best practices' into her classes.

Those interested in learning this art now has an option to undertake one of the following programmes:

This is a certificated program developed by Margaret. The program comprises a selection of projects, at participants' choice, from a range of designs identified as suitable for each level of study. See Curriculum for more details.

 JEC (Japanese Embroidery Center) PROGRAM
This is also a certified program and follows a set curriculum of designs, also with some option. On completion, participants have the opportunity to graduate and apply for teacher accreditation with JEC Atlanta, USA to teach this program.

Please visit the Gallery to see samples of phase pieces and other bead embroidery projects.

Creative Bead Embroidery Certificate Course


The 5 Phases of Bead Embroidery Stitched by Margaret Lee

              Phase II Bead Embroidery FOLIO CLUTCH            Phase III Bead Embroidery POPPY POUCH

                      Phase 1                                                 Phase 2                                                Phase 3  

 Phase IV Bead Embroidery Black Bag       Phase IV Bead Embroidery Gold Bag FLORAL MELODY PURSE        Phase V Bead Embroidery POCHETTE

                                                           Phase 4                                                                         Phase 5

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